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luv me or else: Teen Scene Festival @ Dallas Childrens Theatre

The Dallas based Baker Idea Institute in conjunction with Dallas Children’s Theater presents a groundbreaking, comprehensive Teen Scene Festival February 4-20 at its Rosewood Center on Skillman Road in Dallas. Cornerstones of the Festival are two dynamic professional dramatic productions that explore high profile issues of teen dating violence (don’t u luv me? by Linda … Continue reading

When Love Really Hurts

Asked how she feels about Dont u luv me, Lauren Rosen exudes enthusiasm: “ It’s one thing to talk about these things, and a completely different thing to see it happening right in front of you. That’s why theater is such an important medium. It brings the issue to life and you get to see the consequences unfold right there. It can happen to you, your best friend or anyone. I think everyone should bring their kids, family, friends, everyone!” Continue reading

Dont u luv me?

“I’d seen news stories and movies and books about dating violence, but I’d always been able to separate myself from it. Being in this show has made me realize that it is a real issue. It’s really happening and it’s a dangerous way to live.“ Continue reading