How dishonest, rapacious can The Arboretum get, in collusion with the City of Dallas?

Winfrey Point Public Records - White Rock Lake

White Rock Lake Dredging – Historical Documents

August 2018 – Open Records – City of Dallas dredging documents set.

White Rock Lake Dock System Open Records – December 17 2015

June 2015 – Save Flag Pole Hill Woodlands – New Controversy at White Rock Lake – Habitat Versus Development

Flag Pole Hill Woodlands Open Records – June 3 2015

More information on Facebook Save Flag Pole Hill Woodlands

August 2014 – City Releases Massive Record Set In Answer To Arboretum Attorney General Opinion – Ooops!! Two Pages of Documents Released


July 21 2014 – In what must be one of the most expensive two pages in Dallas Open Records history, the City of Dallas released two pages of documents in a highly contested Open Records request by White Rock Lake activist Hal Barker. The two documents related to Dallas Arboretum Trade Secrets were released on July 21, 2014, after…

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