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Snowy, snowy night: Shooting Star soars

Airport terminals provide great settings for iconic teary send-offs, nostalgic peaks of unrequited love torn asunder; revisit the movie classic “Casablanca” to reach for the Kleenex box. In a quirky one-night spin that brushes up against elements of romantic nostalgia and the realities of time’s passage, Steven Dietz’s Shooting Star offers WaterTower Theatre the opportunity … Continue reading

Black Pearl Shines at WaterTower Theatre

Everyone come together, let us work hard; the grave is not yet finished; let his heart be perfectly at peace. Thwarted ambition. Dancing chickens, ancient African funeral chants, slave-era spirituals, voodoo ritual and Old South mountain ballads. Perception of authenticity. Cultural exploitation. Racism. Sexism. Intellectual property. Friendship forged out of mutual need. In a performance … Continue reading