Posted in March 2010

Rooting for LaBute: DTC’s Fat Pig

Fat pig. What a nasty way to describe someone. Leave it to Tony-nominated Neil LaBute to work it into his body of mean-spirited, largely misogynist work. Dallas Theater Center’s Kevin Moriarty spikes up the spite in his fast-paced realization of Fat Pig, the second entry of Dallas Theater Center’s LaBute trilogy, known as The Beauty … Continue reading

Sprung Wide Awake @ the Winspear

Call me a pompous old fuddy-duddy, if you will. I am not particularly impressed by the national touring production of Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik’s Spring Awakening, playing currently at the Winspear Opera House as part of AT&T Performing Arts Center’s Lexus Broadway Series.  More teen angst? Sexual awakening erupts again in the theatre with … Continue reading

Upstart’s Suburbia: R. Andrew Aguilar Raves

Suburbia by Eric Bogosian Presented by Upstart Productions Inaugural review for Emerging Rants & Raves by UNT Senior and Broken Gears Theatre producing partner R. Andrew Aguilar Alienation, apathy, ambition, despair, disillusionment, racism, competition, envy, social myopia, decay, and the American Dream are all themes which are present within Eric Bogosian’s whirlwind of a play … Continue reading

Wonderful, wonderful Stage West: Copenhagen

“Why did he [Heisenberg] come to Copenhagen?” As the first line of a play, it seems a simple enough question. In playwright Michael Frayn’s award-winning1998 drama Copenhagen, a detailed imaginative framing of a well-documented 1941 meeting between nuclear research scientists Niels Bohr (a Dane) and Werner Heisenberg (a German) and Bohr’s wife Margrethe, the question … Continue reading

No Slacking Off: Upstart Productions’ subUrbia

Feel like getting sucker punched by a velvet-gloved fist? Watch Upstart Productions’ subUrbia, Eric Bogosian’s 1994 dystopia drama about a group of slackers malingering outside a Pakistani owned convenience store, and you’ll get so caught up by the curiously engaging drama you might just miss its hard cold facts. Don’t worry—they’ll grab you when the … Continue reading

Shaping Up Nicely: LaBute & Dallas Theater Center

The Dallas Theater Center attacks Neil LaBute’s 2001 drama The Shape of Things with fiendishly razor-sharp vigor at the Wyly Theatre’s Studio Theatre black box space. An outrageous, amoral love story with gross betrayal, the role of art in society, loss of innocence, and boundaries between intimacy and manipulation at issue, the play revolves around … Continue reading

Wendy Wasserstein’s Sisters

Can’t mistake Pulitzer-winning playwright Wendy Wasserstein’s voice for anyone else’s. There’s a rich liquidity and a mature intelligence to her dialogue, no matter the play. She distilled, honored and validated women’s voices in a way few playwrights had prior to her time. Her death in 2006 at age 55 due to lymphoma complications struck a … Continue reading

Mount Up & Ride: Uptown Players’ “Equus”

Is Peter Shaffer’s 1973 psychodrama Equus really just one more overblown horse-opera? Contemplate Dallas’ Uptown Players’ visually stunning production of the convoluted, highly symbolic work, and decide for yourself. Running through March 21 and directed by Bruce R. Coleman, the play kicks off the company’s ninth season and inaugurates its use of the Frank Lloyd … Continue reading