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Mother’s Mare: Love’s Lesson Learned

Mother’s mare was flea-bit. Tan freckles sprinkled across her face, shoulders and rump. Beneath the freckles the mare’s coat shimmered in effervescent silver, accenting her curvaceous, feminine form. The iron grey of her muzzle and eye sockets gave her a stylized, dramatic air, like a Kabuki dancer. She epitomized elegance and grace. We referred to … Continue reading

CAVALIA ODYSSEO: Horses Reign in Grace

“ A horse, a horse! My kingdom for a horse!”     Man’s fascination with the horse began when an early human first peered over the crest of a grass-covered hill to watch a herd storming across a plain, wild and free. Artists have strived forever to express the magical relationship between horse and human. But … Continue reading

River of Ponies

Exactly how I became known as “the pony lady”, I’ll never know.  It was never my intention.  I considered my enterprising twenty-something self a serious trainer of horses. Horses. When I flung open my barn doors for business, I posted professionally designed, informative flyers advertising nationally certified riding lessons, coaching and schooling at all county … Continue reading