Posted in April 2013

Glory Affirmed: “Glory Denied” at Fort Worth Opera

Penetrating, sharp as razor wire wrapped around a bamboo prison compound. Resonant, brimming over with grief, suffering and bitterness — yet transcendent, profoundly humanizing in its poetic homage to a forgotten American hero…. Composer Tom Cipullo’s one-act opera Glory Denied, playing through May 11 as part of Fort Worth Opera’s 2013 Festival, captures the somber … Continue reading

The Importance of Earnest Cooperation: Oscar Wilde in Oklahoma City

Imagine if Stephen Colbert wrote and directed a full satire episode of “Downton Abbey”. That’s what Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest” feels like in Oklahoma City University’s accommodating thrust Burg Theatre space. A standout, signature co-production by Oklahoma City Repertory Theatre (City REP), Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park and OCU’s Theatre Department, it … Continue reading

Light Illuminating Dark: A.L.Rowse and Shakespeare’s Dark Lady

Playwright William Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets. Twenty-four of them address his passionate love for an un-named person known as “the dark lady”, someone he described as ‘a woman color’d ill’ with black eyes and dark, coarse hair. Speculation about her identity has raged across the centuries, with several historical women often debated as candidates. One … Continue reading

A Harry Tale of Lust, AIDS & Hope by John Michael

I have seen the Harry Penix, and I’ll never feel quite the same…about half-melted ice cream, or frosted cupcakes. That naughtiest of charming, shape-shifting sprites, John Michael, summons forth — from the dark bowels of 24 year old male reflection — a tale that’s part personal history, part AIDS awareness fantasy. And all sparkly, crinkly, … Continue reading