Posted in December 2013

Region’s Best On Stage 2013

Best productions, ranked by preference. Criteria include: text merit, director’s vision, integration of design elements, ensemble effect, innovative, dynamic use of space, accessibility for audiences, development of character arcs that adhere to playwright’s intent. Any one of the top five productions could have ended up in the #1 slot. Thoroughly entertaining and illuminating. The Taming … Continue reading

The Sound of Misplaced Ire: Carrie Underwood as Maria

GUEST EDITORIAL by Jonathan Beck Reed, offering a rational perspective on Carrie Underwood’s performance in the recently televised THE SOUND OF MUSIC on NBC: Everyone’s entitled to their own opinion, I suppose, so, here’s mine. Carrie Underwood is a strikingly beautiful young lady with an AMAZING, clarion voice, far more impressive exhibited through the words … Continue reading