Posted in April 2015


    “We are somewhat fearless, which means none of us will say stop as we’re heading off the cliff, but that’s what keeps it interesting, and hopefully will for the audience as well. What I like about the project is that we are all adventurous and experimental.” Dean Terry, head of EMAC (Emerging Media … Continue reading

The Right Time: “The Amish Project” at CityRep

“It’s always the right time to do a play about forgiveness.” Are you not sure you want to see a play based on a deranged man’s shooting of ten children in 2006? It would give anyone pause. Before you write it off as sensationalistic capitalization on a horrific deed that could guarantee nightmares, please read … Continue reading

Diana Sheehan: Enjoying A First-rate Second Act

  Diana Sheehan’s blue eyes sparkle with inner warmth, reflecting her confidence, generosity and adventurous spirit. “You sure know how to make a girl feel at home, Dallas,” she exclaims, reflecting on the nearly seven years she has lived here. “How grateful I am for all of the wonderful actors, directors, designers, stage managers, dressers, … Continue reading