Posted in June 2016

From Fear to Hope: Uptown Players’ MOTHERS AND SONS

June 12, 2016. Today, for the first time ever in writing a review, I deleted everything I had already written, to start anew, in between bouts of crying. I am badly shaken by last night’s act of domestic terrorism in Orlando. Nobody should be killed for loving. Not for religious beliefs. Not for going against … Continue reading

L.I.P. Service Gets Your Goat and Albee’s, Too

A Guest Review by Scott Davis of Runway Theatre in Grapevine. Between directing and acting soon, and being a company member with L.I.P. Service, I’m backing way off from reviewing much for a while. Features will still flourish. Cheers! Weird, wild, or experimental theatre is nothing new to our world. A few writers flourish with … Continue reading