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Rachel Corrie Murder Redux at Dallas’ Second Thought

“I know now she is a symbol to other people in the world…for what she stood for, and Gaza is still under siege … it’s very important her message can continue.” At the ten year rally in Olympia WA, marking Rachel Corrie’s brutal murder by an Israeli driving a bulldozer in Gaza, Cindy Corrie remarked … Continue reading

FIT 2012: Leave the Pancakes to IHOP

There’s an edgy urgency to producing short stage work in a tiny venue, where economy of time and space drives focused reality. No leisurely drifting through two or three self-indulgent acts, or gratuitous geeky technical grandstanding. Get on. Set the stage. Inhabit the character. Drive the story. Hit the climax. Get off. Result? Refreshing and … Continue reading

Broken Gears’ CREDITORS: Debt Paid in Full

Snuggle up tight, lover, and pay your debt. When Alan Rickman directed the 1888 play Creditors in London and New York in 2008, he described it as “three characters dragged through a hedge backwards in 90 minutes,” Make that a humongous holly hedge with sharp barbs. Creditors is a rank, double-dip dose of double cross … Continue reading