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Choice Drama at UNT: “Melissa’s Choice” by Steven Somkin

With a gripping play about the timely, hot button issue of choice (as in to abort a fetus or keep it to term), few would expect four of its six characters to be men and even fewer would expect the playwright to be a white man from the Baby Boomer generation. In the case of … Continue reading

Primal Imperfection: Shakespeare Dallas’ KING LEAR

Shakespeare Dallas ushers in North Texas’ fall season with a regal, austere production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, set on a nearly bare stage, impressively framed with somber-hued hanging banners that blaze with noble fire as stage lights wash across them. When Lear (national performance artist/ playwright Fred Curchack) makes his first entrance, pausing upstage center … Continue reading

To Save A Mockingbird: Dallas Theater Center & Casa Manana

“A sprawling, somewhat old-fashioned family entertainment that floods the stage with actors and scenery”: that’s how New York Times critic Stephen Holden described a 1991 production of a version of Christopher Sergel’s To Kill A Mockingbird, adapted from the Pulitzer prize-winning 1960 Harper Lee novel of the same name. He might have been describing the … Continue reading