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Circle Theatre: Secrets of a Soccer Mom

Kathleen Clark has had several plays produced by the prestigious Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center, starting back in 1986. Her 2003 play Secrets of a Soccer Mom is not one of them, for good reason. It’s a cliché and stereotype driven hodge-podge of superficiality, presenting three women’s attendance and participation in their children’s soccer game as … Continue reading

Zombie Zen: blahblah @ The Green Zone

2011 A Space Odyssey meets It’s A Wonderful Life in walkabout dream-time. Doors open unexpectedly, physically, metaphorically, virtually and otherwise…. Pretty, average, twenty-something Joyce has a bad case of the blah-blahs and whines about it in no uncertain terms: her job, her life, her friends, and her boyfriend Karl, especially. Average, intellectual, not too hunky … Continue reading