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FIT 20: Duelling Duos Disarm with Delight

A disarming duet of duos….FIT20, the Festival of Independent Theatres, opened this past weekend with a dynamite pair of two person shows that emerge from separate ends of the universe but make an entirely simpatico evening of theatrical whimsy for audiences into experiencing sensory immersion perched on the edge of daring. Catch this pair together … Continue reading

Above the Fold: Undermain Theatre, Clearly Engaged

Don’t let her worn jeans tucked into high top cowboy boots fool you. Behind the Odessa native’s soft-spoken down-home demeanor lurks a sophisticated, worldly artist with a comprehensive vision for her company focused taut like a laser beam. Artistic Director Katherine Owens has guided Undermain Theatre through twenty-eight years of imaginative, cutting edge theatre, featuring … Continue reading

Upstart’s Pinter: Prime Time Performance

With PINTER: Art, Politics, Truth, Upstart Production’s three one-act evening by celebrated British playwright Harold Pinter, the company sprouts wings and soars into uncharted artistic ether. Three challenging one acts, spanning twenty years of the playwright’s creative life — three young directors, none with extensive directing credentials, each attempting to establish their third of the … Continue reading

Anatomy of Heartbreak: Kitchen Dog Theater’s Betrayal

A surreal sculptural assemblage of every day items forms the central focus of Kitchen Dog Theater’s set for Harold Pinter’s celebrated 1978 play Betrayal. Shelved books, baby shoes, family photos, kitchen utensils, racked stemware, incidental furniture, scraps of clothing — all perch precariously, in upside down jumble, as if suspended in time and space, waiting … Continue reading