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FIT 2012: Night of Your Screaming Deadly

What just happened on stage, and why are my arms all goose-bumpy? One of the most delightful aspects of Dallas’ Festival of Independent Theatres is recognizing elements of pure risk-taking in certain productions and the artists who create them.  Unrelated elements combine in unique ways. Uncomfortable moods sustain, creating prolonged suspense or examining the human … Continue reading

The Frequency of Death: A Murderous Tune

Every January Kurt Kleinmann’s Pegasus Theatre “defies gravity” at the Eisemann Center by inaugurating the new year with an original play from its unique niche – the trademarked In Living Black & White production style. In 2012 Pegasus delights its established audiences and charms new ones with a revamped, refreshed version of a production drawn … Continue reading

A FIT Huzzah: the whole dang shebang

“The Festival of Independent Theatres continues its commitment to exploring new theatrical work and encouraging diverse voices within the independent theatre scene. FIT was created as an outlet for smaller companies without a permanent performance space to give them an opportunity to produce seldom seen, new or avant-garde works. FIT exists to promote awareness and … Continue reading