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Sundown in Luv

(il)logical, “a play on love” ran at the Green Space Arts Collective in Denton TX through August 29, 2010.  Marjorie Hayes’ guest review of Sundown Collaborative Theatre‘s production follows. The ambition of Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s latest offering displays the primal urge to create that rests in us all.  Where does that come from?  Love.  To … Continue reading

WingSpan Theatre Goes A-Haunting

T’is the season for the macabre.  At theatres throughout the metroplex, a bizarre witch’s brew of overblown, melodramatic slasher tales with sloshing buckets of stage blood compete for audiences with camped up singing trans-gendered dancing maniacs sporting layers of black eye-liner and fishnet stockings. Gleeful ghouls and goblins will emerge by the hundreds to celebrate … Continue reading