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Bursting Bellicosity’s Bubble @ Stage West

Any play that draws inspiration from Virgil’s Aeneid perks my ears up. One of GB Shaw’s early commercial “hits”, Arms and the Man, first produced in 1891, plucks its title from the opening lines of The Aeneid (Arma virumque cano: literally, I sing of arms and the man, meaning “I sing of the deeds of … Continue reading

9 to 5: what a way to make a livin’!

What career path might a well-crafted college paper inspire? During screenwriter Patricia Resnick’s last year as a USC film student, well before she co-wrote the film 9 to 5, she penned an academic paper about film director Robert Altman. He read it and gave her an internship when she graduated. One day while Resnick was … Continue reading