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Rockin’ a 70’s Vibe: COMPANY at Onstage in Bedford

“Whaddya like? You like coming home to a kiss? 
Somebody with a smile at the door?
 Whaddya like? You like indescribable bliss?
 Then whaddya wanna get married for?
 Whaddya like? You like an excursion to Rome?
 Suddenly taking off to explore?
 Whaddya like? You like having meals cooked at home?
 Then whaddya wanna get married … Continue reading

Trigger Happy at Theatre Three: Assassins

Squeeze that little finger. “Sic semper tyrannis!” shouts John Wilkes Booth from offstage. It’s not just killing. It’s assassination…. Is there a creepy chill in this theatre? Stephen Sondheim and John Weidman’s Assassins really bothers me. It’s not just the subject matter, which is pretty disturbing. It feels disjointed, with the characters and scenes disconnected … Continue reading

They Killed in Bedford: Assassins Onstage

  Supposedly Stephen Sondheim’s Assassins is his only musical about which he asserts he “wouldn’t change anything”. It’s a sprawling, unruly, anachronistic, absurdist pastiche, a darkly animated view into the anguished minds and twisted motivations of desperate, angry, delusional people who assassinated US presidents, or made the attempt. Chilling, unworldly, as if brewed up by … Continue reading

Sweet Snap of Success: West Side Story @ The Texas State Fair

The  bevy of dancers dazzle – shimmy, boogie, leap and slide – beyond expectation and imagination, from balletic  jetés to rumble rhumba. Disciplined, talented, energetic, attractive, perfectly matched, the ensemble makes Dallas’ official 2011 State Fair musical, the national touring revival of the Broadway hit West Side Story presented by Dallas Summer Musicals, pure joy … Continue reading

No Average Bump & Grind: Lyric Stage’s “Gypsy”

Everything does seem to be “coming up roses” for Irving’s Lyric Stage these days, where mounting one fully orchestrated classic musical theatre production after another gives regional and national artists and audiences alike the chance to experience the shows in fully restored auditory splendor. The current offering, Gypsy, (music by Jule Styne, lyrics by Stephen … Continue reading

Meet Jubilee Theatre’s TRE GARRETT

As published in April 2011 issue of Arts & Culture Magazine: Meet Tre Garrett, Jubilee Theatre’s new artistic director. He’s a short, stocky man with a direct gaze and firm handshake. His gregarious laugh echoes like it wells up from a deep spring. He may be only 30 years old, but he’s packed a lifetime … Continue reading