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No Roadrash for 26 Miles: Kitchen Dog Theater

A teen-ager’s frantic plea for help due to a queasy stomach upsets the cozy familial status quo applecart. Quiara Alegria Hudes’ popular 2009 domestic dramedy 26 Miles evolves into a rapid-fire twenty-six-scene journey of exploration from a blue collar Philadelphia suburb to Yellowstone’s pristine peaks. Feeling sometimes like drawing source material from the films “Kramer … Continue reading

Don’t pity this whore: Slasher at Kitchen Dog

Slasher is way too bold and bright to pity as a whore. Kitchen Dog Theater’s production of Alison Moore’s national stage hit is more of a bright-eyed, new ‘recruit on the street’ type of play, a saucy tart oozing charm and redemptive qualities in flashing neon-lit burn. Moore’s high dudgeon farce weaves two close-hooked themes … Continue reading