Posted in October 2008

Inspired Grace: Poet-Playwright Isabella Russell-Ides

“There’s a crack in everything—it’s how the light gets in.” Poet, visual artist, yoga teacher, playwright, devoted mother and wife: Lakewood resident Isabella Russell-Ides finds karmic magic in many aspects of life. She believes wholeheartedly in Leonard Cohen’s statement about human imperfection and the enlightenment it can foster. Her resonance as an artist began early … Continue reading

It Starts with His Car

A man and his car, a beautiful thing: passion for his car sometimes equals amour for his woman. A confident woman can accept that fine balance and sometimes elevate reverence for the object long past the mere human relationship’s demise. That’s the starting point for Lakewood resident playwright’s Isabella Russell-Ides’ newest offering, “Leonard’s Car: when … Continue reading

Fine Performances Enliven “On Golden Pond”

How can you lose? Even if a play has a tired, occasionally trite and sappy script, if you cast two masterful actors as its main characters, the show can succeed and entertain.  Contemporary Theatre of Dallas’ current production of Ernest Thompson’s “On Golden Pond” is a case in point. Turned into a high profile, Oscar-generating … Continue reading