Posted in November 2008

Dallas’ Double Dose of Sarah Palin

“You are pathetic. Such ignorant liberal narrow minded democrats. The donkey is the perferct symbol for you jack asses” This past Thursday and Friday Dallas, Texas, double-dosed on the media frenzy caused by Palin pageantry, first with a round of debate watch parties and second with a well-attended protest of a live Sarah Palin appearance … Continue reading

NEATly Done: AART Triumphs Again

Nothing tentative or unsophisticated about the programming at the DFW region’s new professional theatre company, African American Repertory Theater, located at the intimate The Corner Theatre in Desoto.  On the heels of their first well-received, strong ensemble production at this venue, “A Soldier’s Play” by Charles Fuller, the company just opened the award-winning “Neat”, featuring … Continue reading