Posted in December 2008

Art Takes Flight at Bath House

The Bath House Cultural Center Winter Art Show is not so vast that one needs hiking boots and GPS to traverse it, yet vast enough to stimulate appreciation for its diverse wealth of creativity. It’s always pleasant to visit the Bath House at White Rock Lake. Indulge yourself in a warm, rich artistic experience as winter’s frosty bluster descends. Continue reading

Sweet Respite: CTD’s Closer Than Ever

Contemporary Theatre of Dallas’ Sue Loncar introduces her company’s 2008 holiday show by exclaiming, “There’s not a Christmas song in it!’ Indeed, there is not one remotely “holiday-like” tune to be found, but plenty of reason for seasonal celebration. Continue reading

Humbugs, Unite! It’s SantaLand at CTD

“If you think you’re boring an audience go slower, not faster”, NPR quotes composer Gustav Mahler. Although he was speaking of symphonic performance, the same could be said of stage acting. Many featured actors on Dallas stages seem to think acting “louder and faster” accomplishes “with energy and focus” and will best hold an audience’s … Continue reading