Posted in December 2009

My Best of Live Theater in DFW 2009

Magic on stage in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. A wealth of creative theatrical endeavor: satisfying, dignified and quirky, heart-warming and spine-chilling, thought-provoking and side-splitting, high art to lowly farce. Performance ritual reveals truths of the human condition through magical transformation. Or we hope that happens. Here’s what wove that special magic for me this year, … Continue reading

Langston Hughes’ Black Nativity @ Bishop Arts

The show begins in complete darkness, silence. When the curtain rises, a simple wooden cradle rests upstage on a small raised platform strewn with straw. The women enter, slowly, decisively, tall and short, clad in colorful, flowing robes reflecting their African–American heritage; and their music inhabits the space. “Go Tell It on the Mountain.” Earth-born … Continue reading

Good Times of the Season, Yah, Ya Know, at Stage West

A Don’t Hug Me Christmas Carol? What sort of high carb Minnesota goulash casserole is Stage West serving up for its holiday entrée? A cheery one, with a Waring-style blender mix of farcical high-jinks, zany, hug-able characters, and a romantic story loosely crafted (as in goose) on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, set in a … Continue reading

Rim Rock Opera Delights at Circle Theatre

So much holiday fare leaves a flat taste in the mouth like last year’s store-bought sugar cookies. It’s got all the razzle-dazzle of tinsel, shiny ornaments and consumerist frenzy but misses the true heart and soul of the holiday by a country mile. Hitch your team of mules to your buckboard and trot on over … Continue reading