Posted in June 2010

New blog post: Stage West’s Roleplay: a

New blog post: Stage West’s Roleplay: a trifle titillating – Roleplay unfolds like Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy on s…

Stage West’s Roleplay: a trifle titillating

Roleplay unfolds like Peter Shaffer’s Black Comedy on steroids. A titillating trifle with a surprisingly stiff kick like a single malt scotch served neat, it represents what British playwright Alan Ayckbourn does so well across his span of seventy plays. It sets up a massive comic relational disaster that delights its audience in its final … Continue reading

Missing Christopher Reeve: Dallas remounts Superman

Remember how great Christopher Reeve made you feel when you watched him play Superman with his crooked, toothy grin in the corny 1970’s movie of the same name? He was so strong and wise and confident and beneficent, everything an all-American guy aspired to be and all any all-American girl wanted to date. He radiated … Continue reading

A Surfeit of Song: 4 Musical Ventures

If music be the food of love, cry me a river until another hundred people get off of the train…. It’s Summertime so musicals start bustin’out all over like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, which makes the livin’ less easy for busy reviewers. Another opening can be trouble with a T, but many … Continue reading