Posted in May 2010

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FW Opera 2010: Don Giovanni Soars

With Mozart’s Don Giovanni as the opening salvo in its 2010 Festival, Ft Worth Opera’s creative guns were loaded and they came out blazing. Saturday night’s opening performance at Bass Hall was as vital and pumped full of youthful vigor and masterful artistry as any a Mozart lover could hope to see. Forgive the company … Continue reading

Little Prairie Home Conundrum

For every child star that has gone on to a successful performance career as an adult, be it in theatre, music or film, there are fifty who have tried to make the transition and failed — some more miserably than others. Such a performer is Melissa Gilbert, currently headlining Dallas Summer Musicals’ Little House On … Continue reading

Well-Wrought @ One Thirty Productions

If you haven’t yet attended a stage performance by One Thirty Productions at White Rock Lake’s Bath House Cultural Center in Dallas, take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to do so. Named One Thirty Productions because it always performs matinees at 1:30 pm Wednesdays through Saturdays, this quiet company of well-schooled professionals is earning quite … Continue reading

Good Intentions @ The Hub & Sundown Collaborative

“The road to Hell is paved with good intentions”, or so they say…. I applaud the energy, commitment and audacity with which young theatre companies in our local scene, on limited budgets and with limited directorial wisdom and experience, launch themselves into productions of plays that require a high degree of  theatrical artistry. Sometimes the … Continue reading

reasons to be pleased: The Beauty Plays 2010

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Want to bet? Hard truths. Interpersonal dysfunction. Devastating betrayal. Neil LaBute explores relationship abuse overlaid with a heavy dose of misogyny from a variety of perspectives in three of his plays presented as a trilogy by the Dallas Theater Center. The first … Continue reading