Posted in August 2010

Speak Up Now! Save Bath House Cultural Center’s Future

Think the arts have positive financial impact, but don’t know how to prove it? In July and August, the 13th Annual Festival of Independent Theatres at Dallas’ Bath House Cultural Center, featuring eight different, viable companies and a myriad of regional performing artists, directors, playwrights and support staff, drew in close to 2000 attendees, record … Continue reading

Sundown in Luv

(il)logical, “a play on love” ran at the Green Space Arts Collective in Denton TX through August 29, 2010.  Marjorie Hayes’ guest review of Sundown Collaborative Theatre‘s production follows. The ambition of Sundown Collaborative Theatre’s latest offering displays the primal urge to create that rests in us all.  Where does that come from?  Love.  To … Continue reading

Blue Moon Mud Pie @ CTD

What culinary dish does Ed Graczyk’s comedy The Blue Moon Dancing, currently baking in the premiere oven at Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, evoke? Lead character Connie, a dipsomaniac, pill-popping actress tired of playing big catfish in the crawfish pond while romanticizing Dallas, bewails the fact that the local McCarthy, TX, newspaper sent the food critic … Continue reading

Organ-meister Idol: Circle Theatre’s Bach at Leipzig

When Bach at Leipzig premiered at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in 2004, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel commented, “Imagine the Marx Brothers and Tom Stoppard collaborating on a play.” Who wants to be a star Baroque organ-meister? Clawing, coercing and conniving their way to the revered top organist position at the prestigious Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) … Continue reading

Ohlook’s winning title. word.

Oh, look! It’s an unmarked warehouse garage theatre on a back alley in Grapevine, replete with chirping crickets under foot and dive-bombing moths. Don’t tune out, please! Before you point the Lexus to the underground parking of some looming,sterile glass and concrete edifice next to major freeways, consider this:  you might be in for a … Continue reading

A FIT Huzzah: the whole dang shebang

“The Festival of Independent Theatres continues its commitment to exploring new theatrical work and encouraging diverse voices within the independent theatre scene. FIT was created as an outlet for smaller companies without a permanent performance space to give them an opportunity to produce seldom seen, new or avant-garde works. FIT exists to promote awareness and … Continue reading