Posted in November 2010

Olde Tyme Charm School at Kitchen Dog

Charm enchants. It beguiles with a gentle, literate universality. Playwright Kathleen Cahill weaves a gripping tale of transformation and self-expression through the life experience of 19th century transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller. Based more in the magic realm of Isabelle Allende than in the mannered containment of Jane Austen, Charm vividly portrays the societal, personal challenges … Continue reading

Light into Dark at Circle Theatre

“If there’s one thing I learned from Martha Stewart, you do not poison the guest.” Bright Ideas, Eric Coble’s dark comedy now playing at Ft. Worth’s Circle Theatre through November 20th, explores success-obsessed parenting, embracing a broad palette of characters in hyperbolic situations with occasional satirical nod to Macbeth. That pesky poison pesto just won’t … Continue reading

The Disgusting Mr. Ridley @ Broken Gears

“Fitness has got fuck all to do with it. It’s survival of the sickest.” High points of The Pitchfork Disney by Philip Ridley as produced by Broken Gears Project Theatre: 1)   Joey Folsom’s unique entrance as surreal character Cosmo 2)  the play’s lead characters Cosmo and Prestley eating cockroaches 3)   Clay Wheeler’s amazing memorization feat … Continue reading

Upstart’s Pinter: Prime Time Performance

With PINTER: Art, Politics, Truth, Upstart Production’s three one-act evening by celebrated British playwright Harold Pinter, the company sprouts wings and soars into uncharted artistic ether. Three challenging one acts, spanning twenty years of the playwright’s creative life — three young directors, none with extensive directing credentials, each attempting to establish their third of the … Continue reading

Trinity Shakespeare 2011: Best Yet 2 Come!

  Attention classical theatre-lovers and intrepid, versatile actors: The Trinity Shakespeare Festival under the direction of Texas Christian University professor Thomas Walsh announces its 2011 Season—- Macbeth & As You Like It The Festival will produce for its third season Shakespeare’s most compelling tragedy, Macbeth and the delightful comedy As You Like It. The plays … Continue reading