Posted on 25 May 2011

Porcine Lullaby: Ochre House ‘The Butcher’

All trussed up with no place to go? Let The Butcher carve up your dessert at The Ochre House. Matt Posey’s latest creation, billed as a dark musical, is actually a porcine lullaby souffle, equal parts black Irish menace and Brechtian decay, where the stench of maggot-ridden evil drips from every meat-hook and lurks behind … Continue reading

The Texas Theatre: Live with “The Birthday Boys”

Eric Steele is a man with plans and vision. Actor, playwright, arts venue entrepreneur – he’s a savvy partner with film industry consultant Barak Epstein’s Aviation Cinemas. Them’s the folks that took over the lease of the Oak Cliff Foundations’ historic Texas Theatre on Jefferson Boulevard in 2010 and are making giant strides in turning … Continue reading

Trinity’s Cast Shakes It Up for 2011 Festival

In rounding out an article about the 2011 Trinity Shakespeare Festival for the regional Arts & Culture DFW Magazine, I sent e-mails to a range of festival company members asking them to share their perceptions and feelings about the festival. So impressed by the impassioned responses I received, I post them below in their entirety … Continue reading