Bye-bye M Streets — howdy Little Forest Hills!

On Wednesday morning 8/10/2011 volunteers from Bonifield’s Badly Broken Ankle Brigade will pack up sidelined theatre critic Alexandra, her donated accoutrements, bits of clothing and grocery items at the M street transitional location and head back to the east side of White Rock Lake to get her set up at her own home  near the Arboretum. Presumably, the four kitties will be happy to get their stray “mum” home.

Critic Bonifield cheers the caravan home

HELP NEEDED: two or three volunteers to meet at the M Street house, help gather and transport stuff and get her safely set up at her own domicile on 8/10, plus someone to drive her car there (licensed, careful driver who no longer guns it like a teen-ager, please!). It’s an automatic with AC.

If you can only help with the pack up end or drop off end, that’s fine. Three people at each end would complete this task easily.

Call Alexandra for more details, if you are available to help — 469-487-6789

HELP NEEDED: The calendar on Lotsahelpinghands  is wide open for August! Alexandra needs once daily visits to help with meals and light clean up, bring in some supplies, toss clothes in washer or dryer, keep her from going stir crazy while confined to the house. Sign up on the main calendar on the site and include the time you’d like to stop by, or call her directly…namaste, y’all!

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