Binders Full of Santas? FunHouse Theatre Fills Hearts to the Brim

reindeerIt’s a cryptic, chilly, Cold War sort of Christmas Eve night in Ronald Reagan’s 1980’s world, and those ninja missiles of Star Wars defense, Santa’s reindeer, face a serious dilemma.  Santa has fallen from the sleigh somewhere over the northern hemisphere but nobody noticed. Should they double back and try to locate the jolly old soul, or keep going on their SECRET mission? And does anybody really know why Rudolph’s nose is RED…?

The Fun House Theatre and Film  hooligans are back again in 2012, with a fresh, expanded, sexier, sillier, zanier, improved version of 2011’s captivating entertainment “The Ultimate Holiday Experience”. Featuring 25 of the seasoned thespians (age 8-14) from director  Jeff Swearingen’s Fun House Theatre and Film Company, this year’s production offers a special performance every show by a different Santa who takes part to raise awareness and donations for specific worthy charities  and causes.

Sean Salisbury. NFL Quarterback

Sean Salisbury. NFL Quarterback

  • Monday, December 10: Jeff Swearingen — St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital
  • Wednesday, December 12: Elias Taylorson, regional award-winning actor – Team Libby (Libby Serber, cancer survivor) on Facebook
  • Thursday, December 13:  Sean Salisbury, former NFL Quarterback/ Fox4 TV Sports Analyst – P.A.S.T. High School Concussion Program
  • Friday, December 14: John Garcia, Founder/Editor of The Column, – Gideon’s Feet and Team Libby (Facebook)
  • Saturday, December 15 (matinee): Judge John Roach, Jr., 296th State District Court Judge – CASA of Collin County
  • Saturday, December 15 (evening): Shane Beeson, acclaimed regional actor – Free The Children
  • Sunday, December 16 (matinee): the character Blork from Matt Lyle’s “Hello Human Female” – ASPCA
  • Sunday, December 16 (evening): Mark Lowry, Founder/ Editor-in-chief, – St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital

Tables are set up in  front of the theatre entrance with tasty baked goods, fun holiday décor items and a variety of ways to support all the charities the “Secret Santas” represent.

Dan Quayle meets Serge the Ruskie

Dan Quayle meets Serge the Raging Ruskie

The trio of deranged Commie comrades “with their funny little hats” return in rare form, along with the square-jawed, salty US Air Command General, who sternly holds them at bay (“I’m waiting, you vodka-drinking maggots”). The ever-clueless Dan Quayle, quaking in his jammies, prepares to prevent nuclear holocaust, if only he can remember how to spell the word tic-tac-toe….In a guest cameo as President Reagan, himself, respected regional actor and puppeteer James Chandler croons a Lionel Ritchie love ballad to an utterly oblivious Margaret Thatcher. Robocop, Drago from Rocky IV and a foot-sore foursome of Russian orphans add hilarity to the mash-up, while the intrepid reindeer continue on their secret mission and look for Santa when they remember he fell out way back there somewhere. Two acts-worth of honest holiday fun for all ages saving the world from total destruction and a chance to donate to worthy charities at the same time? You can’t beat that for the Christmas spirit!

Comrade Alien, bless us, every one….

New York Daily News coverage:

A link to last year’s criticalrant review:

This Perky Puppy sells out!

Matinees at 2:30pm, evenings at 7:30pm

Book NOW:

Located at Plano Children’s Theatre, 1301 Custer Road, Ste. 706, Plano TX 75075

Photo credit: Jenny Duva

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