Elevator Plays: Going Up?

The scene of an "elevator play"?

The scene of an “elevator play”?

I think they are happening. At the Wyly Theatre, I’m told. Tiny casts performing short scenes in elevators? Mormon family-sized casts performing elaborate scenes for small audiences squeezed into capacious elevators? A smattering of the brave, homeless groups of thespian collectives from across the region? What about wheelchair patrons?

If only I had detailed information about them or how I, as an independent reviewer, could attend them, I would gladly share this with you, dear reader. Alas, I do not. Nobody responds to my email inquiries at ATTPAC. No small group has sent me any press release. So I hear rumors about performances and take my toys to other sandboxes.

This elevator is out of order. You will need to climb those stairs all by yourselves….

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