Posted in October 2015

Mind Full of Scorpions: Bare Bones Shakespeare’s MACBETH

Forgetting a line on stage during a performance constitutes an actor’s nightmare. Anyone who has trod the boards for any length of time has had it happen, “gone up” on lines unexpectedly. Usually, after a split second that feels eternal, the actor recovers, or another player covers for them or improvises a clue line that … Continue reading

Language of the Heart: Cumberbatch, HAMLET, National Theatre LIVE

Criticalrant Aloud discussion of the October 19 screening of The National Theatre Live at the Barbican HAMLET, featuring Benedict Cumberbatch, by North Texas arts writer/O’Neill and Annenberg critic fellow Alexandra Bonifield with North Texas regional actor and Bard Buff R. Andrew Aguilar: “Shakespeare’s language is the closest thing we have to the verbal language of … Continue reading

Art to Inspire: THE WHALE and HARBOR

I almost never walk into a theatre with a preconceived notion of how I will write a review. Then sometimes the format or need for a particular perspective sweeps over me as soon as I arrive. The first people I ran into at The Kalita Humphreys Theater when I attended Uptown Players’ opening night of … Continue reading