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DFW Theatre Critics’ Forum Awards: 2013

Critics’ Forum Awards in 2013: a testament to the diverse, dynamic thespian output produced in our North Texas region, from originals to Classics, contemporary and edgy to the beloved, tried-and-true. In 2013 a youth theatre program figures prominently in the honors, and a 12-year-old member of its dedicated ensemble earns recognition for giving one of … Continue reading

2012 in North Texas Theatre: From A Feminist Lens

Why feminist? We women make up over half of the US populace and purchase more tickets to theatre yearly than men, even with our 77 cents to any man’s dollar earned salaries. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Some amazing, creative people, who happen to be women, enlivened regional theatre here in … Continue reading

Origames: Amphibian’s Animals Out of Paper

Heading to New York City for Robin Williams’ Broadway debut in Rajiv Joseph’s Pulitzer nominated Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo, at the Richard Rodgers Theatre? Not this week? If you’d like to sample this wunderkind playwright’s work (a 2010 Rockefeller Fellow, winner of Vineyard Theatre’s 2008 Paula Vogel Award for emerging playwrights), jaunt to … Continue reading