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STIFF in NYC: Straight Up, Texas-style

Dare to tread where death abounds? The Blighted Heart surely killed the critic as he wrote his front row review of this 9-act torchy blunder. The farce it’s part of, Stiff, is simply to die for. Laughing, that is. Find this frenzied, farcical delite at The Barrow Group Theatre (TBG Theatre) through March 3, 2018 … Continue reading

Dynamic Dame Creates World of Wonderful

When William Moulton Marston created the fictional Amazonian character Wonder Woman for DC Comics (first appeared in 1941), he probably had no clue of the paradigm shifting, multi-generational impact and popularity she would have. Nor could he have imagined the impact one creative, intelligent, impassioned producer/advocate, a veritable Wonder Woman in her own right, could … Continue reading

A Joyful Noise: On & Off @ Theatre Arlington

Added Performance due to sell-out crowds: January 29, 6pm!!!!! “One day I must write a farce from behind,” exclaimed British playwright Michael Frayn in 1970, while watching a light comedy he wrote for Lynn Redgrave unfold from backstage, where “it was funnier.” In 1982 his celebrated farce Noises Off emerged, its title referring to offstage … Continue reading

Theatre Arlington’s Corpse! It’s Alive!

Seen something narsty in the woodshed? Missing that ol’ esprit de corpse? Sprinkle a thimbleful of witchy dust on your favorite broomstick and jet over to Theatre Arlington to enjoy an internationally celebrated seasonal delight, Corpse! Gerald Moon’s 1983 darkly comic thriller takes place in December 1936 on the day of Edward VIII’s abdication, when … Continue reading

The Hand: Dining Lite at BGPT

If only there was more substance to German Madrid’s short one-act play The Hand than turning on a grisly gimmick to make a political statement about have’s and have not’s, I might find myself more intrigued. I found it curious as an acting exercise at Broken Gears Project Theatre, but not satisfying as a full … Continue reading

Attired to laugh @ Theatre Arlington

Theatre Arlington’s clever folks realize that January’s slump is the perfect reason to mount a rollicking romantic production to usher in the New Year. In Don’t Dress For Dinner, directed by regional actor and DFW Theatre Critics Forum honored director Andy Baldwin, they found the ideal vehicle to launch 2011 in fine style. A cheery … Continue reading

Light into Dark at Circle Theatre

“If there’s one thing I learned from Martha Stewart, you do not poison the guest.” Bright Ideas, Eric Coble’s dark comedy now playing at Ft. Worth’s Circle Theatre through November 20th, explores success-obsessed parenting, embracing a broad palette of characters in hyperbolic situations with occasional satirical nod to Macbeth. That pesky poison pesto just won’t … Continue reading