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This Cherry Orchard: Mostly the Pits

When I critique a stage play, I consider both the work and the production. A worthy play may get a mediocre or problematic staged treatment. A clumsy or dated, predictable play sometimes surprises with a wonderful enlivenment. It’s not often I see shows that balance out both aspects, for better or for worse. The productions … Continue reading

Anti-Intellectual Antidotes Triumph Center Stage

With the rise of a particularly unsavory brand of anti-intellectualism blasted across cable media and boldly defended in many halls of political discourse, especially in Texas lately, it’s a delight to observe the success of two outstanding theatre productions setting the artistic standard for the N. Texas region. By success, I mean their ability to … Continue reading

Seagull Stew @ Kitchen Dog Theater

“Don’t bring in anything to the theater that doesn’t make the play clearer.” Anton Chekhov What I like most about Kitchen Dog Theater is the intense way the company normally enlivens a script, its bold exploration of plays through physicality, emotion and relationship connections. These artists can transform an average play into a rich, exciting … Continue reading

Five Tons & A Bird at the Greenzone

SEAGULL. When all you really want is to give life the bird. The play’s over! It’s over! ALL OVER! Well done, Mom. You totally fucked up my play. SATISFIED?— Alex      What are you so angry about? — Maria Sans overpowering costumes. Sans rubber ferns. Sans foamcore scenery. Sans cheesy recordings of gunshots or train whistles. … Continue reading