Five Tons & A Bird at the Greenzone


When all you really want is to give life the bird.

The play’s over! It’s over! ALL OVER! Well done, Mom. You totally fucked up my play. SATISFIED?— Alex      What are you so angry about? — Maria

Cast: The Seagull readings

Cast: The Seagull readings

Sans overpowering costumes. Sans rubber ferns. Sans foamcore scenery. Sans cheesy recordings of gunshots or train whistles.

Just raw emotion and the words to carry it. “Five tons of love.” Three takes.

Anton Chekhov (updated), Tennessee Williams (re-discovered), Emily Mann (unleashed).   You don’t write better than that. No, you don’t.

As expressed by: Heather Pratt, Josh Blann , Paul Taylor, Montgomery Sutton, Vince McGill , Emily Scott Banks Maryam Baig-Lush, Gregory Lush , T.A.Taylor, Kristin McCollum,  Parker Hornsby.

Sponsored by Project X at The Greenzone , 161 Riveredge Drive Dallas

No charge, donations gratefully accepted. Free wine.

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov : 8pm April 19 Oct. 1895: “I am writing it with considerable pleasure, though I sin frightfully against the conventions of the stage. It is a comedy with three female roles, six male roles, four acts, a landscape (a view of a lake), much conversation about literature, little action and five tons of love.”

The Notebook of Trigorin by Tennessee Williams. 8pm April 20

A Seagull in the Hamptons by Emily Mann. 8pm April 21

“As an actor, I try to choose something that I believe in, that isn’t a lie — something that is life-affirming, that is morally worthwhile, that is not mind-rotting or spiritually diminishing … This is how I contribute.”

-Kevin Kline

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