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Romero’s Wooden Nickel @ KDT’s New Works Festival

Kitchen Dog Theater kicks off its 13th annual New Works Festival, with a world premiere main stage production of Elaine Romero’s Ponzi, a National New Play Network Commission work that won an Edgerton Foundation New American Play Award. Presented as a reading in KDT’s 2010 New Works Festival, the play also received readings at Chicago’s … Continue reading

Olde Tyme Charm School at Kitchen Dog

Charm enchants. It beguiles with a gentle, literate universality. Playwright Kathleen Cahill weaves a gripping tale of transformation and self-expression through the life experience of 19th century transcendentalist writer Margaret Fuller. Based more in the magic realm of Isabelle Allende than in the mannered containment of Jane Austen, Charm vividly portrays the societal, personal challenges … Continue reading

By the Short Hairs @ Kitchen Dog Theater

Care about illegal immigrants in Phoenix?  Go down the long way in blood and bigotry. Go the rough, violent way down. Or choose tolerance and love and rise up in grace. Some get sacrificed because they can’t adapt. Others endure the hell that life offers, bare their souls and survive because they can change. Headlining … Continue reading