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Believin’ On A Jetplane @ Circle Theatre

I am woman, hear me roar…. There is something so satisfying about watching four gorgeous, deserving women get exactly what they want from two conniving, exploitative men who think the world is their oyster. Seeing it performed as stage farce, by a fine acting ensemble with an daring female director at the helm, makes it … Continue reading

Best on Stage 2010: criticalrant.com

Ten Top Productions: Literary merit. Imaginative staging. Sophisticated direction. Cohesive ensemble performance. Comprehensive technical vision and execution. Delightful, viable realities. Our Town (Water Tower Theatre) August: Osage County (Oklahoma City Repertory Company) Much Ado About Nothing (Trinity Shakespeare Festival) The Dog Problem (Undermain Theatre) Umlauf’s Bicycle (The Ochre House) The 39 Steps (Stage West) Charm … Continue reading

Light into Dark at Circle Theatre

“If there’s one thing I learned from Martha Stewart, you do not poison the guest.” Bright Ideas, Eric Coble’s dark comedy now playing at Ft. Worth’s Circle Theatre through November 20th, explores success-obsessed parenting, embracing a broad palette of characters in hyperbolic situations with occasional satirical nod to Macbeth. That pesky poison pesto just won’t … Continue reading

Scant Variety in 33 Variations at Theatre Three

33 Variations at Theatre Three is a clumsy and puzzling production. Inspired by Ludwig Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations (all thirty three of them), Moisés Kaufman’s dual-themed mystery romance/drama débuted on Broadway in 2009 (starring Jane Fonda) and won substantial accolades: in 2007 the Edgerton New American Play Award and in 2008 the Steinberg American Theatre Critics … Continue reading

2009-10 Honorees: DFW Theater Critics Forum

Spirited conversation and congenial laughter, give and take, sober observations and impassioned advocacy over a tasty potluck lunch at Martha Heimberg’s stately Lakewood home made two hours simply fly by. Here’s the consensus of what worked well in regional theatre since September 2009, what we critics saw of it. DALLAS-FORT WORTH THEATER CRITICS FORUM AWARD … Continue reading

Organ-meister Idol: Circle Theatre’s Bach at Leipzig

When Bach at Leipzig premiered at the Milwaukee Repertory Theater in 2004, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel commented, “Imagine the Marx Brothers and Tom Stoppard collaborating on a play.” Who wants to be a star Baroque organ-meister? Clawing, coercing and conniving their way to the revered top organist position at the prestigious Thomaskirche (St. Thomas Church) … Continue reading

Tangibly Askew @ Circle Theatre: Something Intangible

As fascinating as it is in concept, there’s something slightly, tangibly, askew in Circle Theatre’s current production of Bruce Graham’s Something Intangible. Maybe it’s the text or in elements of execution? Circle’s second major production of the year dealing with the creative milieu, its process and the relationships it affects (Michael Hollinger’s Opus ran through … Continue reading

A Dose of Trailer Park Mojo @ Circle Theatre

Get your permed platinum blonde bump and grind mojo on.  Ft. Worth’s Circle Theatre and its trashy troupe of trailer park troubadours and trollops will learn ya how to scratch that darn itch real fine. I’m talking about the one that aches hard to have a grand ol’ time enjoying the rowdy, howdy-y’all hijinks and … Continue reading

Circle Theatre Opus: A Musical Game of Life

Four chairs make a first class string quartet, five gifted musicians scheming and vying to fill them…who gets no chair, and the broken heart, when the music stops? Learn the truth watching Circle Theatre’s southwestern premiere production of Michael Hollinger’s elegant, heart-stopping Opus, running at the Sundance Square venue in downtown Ft. Worth through March … Continue reading

My Best of Live Theater in DFW 2009

Magic on stage in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. A wealth of creative theatrical endeavor: satisfying, dignified and quirky, heart-warming and spine-chilling, thought-provoking and side-splitting, high art to lowly farce. Performance ritual reveals truths of the human condition through magical transformation. Or we hope that happens. Here’s what wove that special magic for me this year, … Continue reading