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Sticky Wicket: Echo’s Mauritius

Why do some playwrights think it’s a good thing to people their works with selfish, unpleasant, generally repellent characters? Even Edward Albee and David Mamet, masters of creating malevolence and unadulterated nastiness in the folks that fill their texts, give their reprobate characters redeeming qualities and balance their vitriol with more sympathetic types. It’s not … Continue reading

Take Two: FITS 2009

Week Two at the Festival of Independent Theatres held annually at White Rock Lake’s Bath House Cultural Center—here are reviews of three of the four remaining shows. ECHO Theatre’s Overtones Often taking on controversial political and social issues of the day and producing them with the savagery of a moose cow in heat, ECHO Theatre … Continue reading

All aboard: NIBROC Trilogy at Theatre Three

Seize the day. Brighter than any star and living often in larger than life terms, barely into their twenties, the Greatest Generation possessed an intangible and incomparable grace. Courage, vision, honoring one’s word, a pro-active work ethic: they not only understood the importance of integrity and character, they seized every opportunity presented to live lives … Continue reading