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Sisters’ Bounty: BROTHERS’ HARVEST at The Ochre House

So what’s a country girl to do, besides keep her pits deodorized and her bush debugged? Here’s an ironic play title. Brothers’ Harvest, Matthew Posey’s latest original offering at The Ochre House, plumbs the raw, dark vaginal depths of visceral, unleashed female psyche, awash with the PMS-laden scent of a proto/fem lib crudite plate. Just … Continue reading

Waxing Kahlo Wanting at The Ochre House

What I like best about most of Matt Posey’s original plays and how he produces and directs them is the uncanny way he gets inside the minds, psyches and souls of the characters he creates. He doesn’t rely on linear structure or follow a pre-set “paint by numbers” narrative, even when bringing non-fiction characters to … Continue reading

Porcine Lullaby: Ochre House ‘The Butcher’

All trussed up with no place to go? Let The Butcher carve up your dessert at The Ochre House. Matt Posey’s latest creation, billed as a dark musical, is actually a porcine lullaby souffle, equal parts black Irish menace and Brechtian decay, where the stench of maggot-ridden evil drips from every meat-hook and lurks behind … Continue reading

Take Flight @ The Ochre House

Never underestimate the masterful wizardry of Matthew Posey. He’s always brewing up something original, entertaining and full of real stage magic at his diminutive storefront theater The Ochre House on Exposition Ave. in Dallas.  His Balanced Almond Theater Company presents the sort of imaginative performances that numerous larger, bigger budget theater companies strive for but … Continue reading

Matt & Bill’s Excellent Adventure @ The Ochre House

“I dare say if it wasn’t for Joan’s death, I would not be writing.” William Burroughs Don’t get caught unaware. Step into Matt Posey’s private lair The Ochre House on Exposition and realize you’re in for a mind-bending experience. No Dallas stage venue offers more with such pure imagination. Posey shares the tiny, unassuming space, … Continue reading

Ochre House’s Empty Room: Fill your Head

Rock music mantra “free your head,” echoed across the late 60’s-early 70’s, when our nation’s repressive government pitted a frightening arsenal of mind control techniques against the drug and free spirit ideology-induced revolutionary paradigm shift of a rebellious generation. SDS, the Weathermen, Socialist Workers Party members, Earth First-ers and the artists and musicians who crystallized … Continue reading