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Stages of Love: MBS and Broken Gears

Ache is the sorrow of the soul… That finds in its path a fragrance Of burnt acorns and emptiness forlorn. The view from the land of the crow Is that of bitter peace. For desolation is the home Of my traveling soul. Love is a battlefield and a counterfeit and an inspiration and a conundrum. … Continue reading

My Best of Live Theater in DFW 2009

Magic on stage in the Dallas-Ft. Worth region. A wealth of creative theatrical endeavor: satisfying, dignified and quirky, heart-warming and spine-chilling, thought-provoking and side-splitting, high art to lowly farce. Performance ritual reveals truths of the human condition through magical transformation. Or we hope that happens. Here’s what wove that special magic for me this year, … Continue reading

Forgotten Wanton: Pope John XII

Absolute Johnny on the spot! Consider it a sin of omission to not attend MBS Productions‘ narrative drama John XII. A unique interweaving of historical fact and torchy romance, the former never lapses into dry and dull while the latter piques the prurient keyhole voyeur in all who attend the enactment mass. Bless me, father, … Continue reading

Greek for Berliners: MBS Productions’ Oedipus Rex

It’s all Greek to me. Why is it that people are afraid of attending classical theatre — Shakespeare and the Greeks? Their plays offer some of the best writing, plots and characterizations ever seen on stage. Clear, logical, illuminating. Illustrating this is MBS Productions‘ current offering Oedipus Rex, a famous Greek play about a man … Continue reading