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A Stilted, Shapeless Thing: FunHouse Attempts Neil LaBute

I respect the acting ensemble at FunHouse Theatre in Plano. I admire the fearless veracity with which they take on challenging projects and own them. They are capable of producing solid works of genuine performance art that entertain as well as illuminate. In their current production of Neil LaBute’s “The Shape of Things”, they give … Continue reading

reasons to be pleased: The Beauty Plays 2010

“Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” Want to bet? Hard truths. Interpersonal dysfunction. Devastating betrayal. Neil LaBute explores relationship abuse overlaid with a heavy dose of misogyny from a variety of perspectives in three of his plays presented as a trilogy by the Dallas Theater Center. The first … Continue reading

Rooting for LaBute: DTC’s Fat Pig

Fat pig. What a nasty way to describe someone. Leave it to Tony-nominated Neil LaBute to work it into his body of mean-spirited, largely misogynist work. Dallas Theater Center’s Kevin Moriarty spikes up the spite in his fast-paced realization of Fat Pig, the second entry of Dallas Theater Center’s LaBute trilogy, known as The Beauty … Continue reading

Shaping Up Nicely: LaBute & Dallas Theater Center

The Dallas Theater Center attacks Neil LaBute’s 2001 drama The Shape of Things with fiendishly razor-sharp vigor at the Wyly Theatre’s Studio Theatre black box space. An outrageous, amoral love story with gross betrayal, the role of art in society, loss of innocence, and boundaries between intimacy and manipulation at issue, the play revolves around … Continue reading

Second Thoughts: Some Guy(s)

There’s nothin’ you can do To turn me away Nothin’ anyone can say You’re with me now And as long as you stay Lovin’ you’s the right thing to do Lovin’ you’s the right thing… I’ve got a prediction and a lament. I’ve seen some fine productions this summer around the DFW region. I predict … Continue reading