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2012 in North Texas Theatre: From A Feminist Lens

Why feminist? We women make up over half of the US populace and purchase more tickets to theatre yearly than men, even with our 77 cents to any man’s dollar earned salaries. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Some amazing, creative people, who happen to be women, enlivened regional theatre here in … Continue reading

Off the Pedestal with Georgia O’Keeffe

One person staged performances based on “the lives of famous people” tend to fall into two categories: the hopeless – fawning, reverential hero worship, or the excruciating – tedious, linear depiction focused on minutiae, ignoring universal relevance. Lucinda McDermott’s one woman show “O’Keeffe!”, featuring  Carolyn Wickwire, escapes both pitfalls. Surprisingly fresh and dynamic, the play … Continue reading