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Regrets from the Tejas Boonies: Sorry, y’all!

Thanks to those artists, arts advocates and friends of the arts (and my blog) who voted for me in the second round of the “Great Arts Blogger Challenge“. My blog did not advance to Round 3, as it did not get enough community support (votes) to do so. At least I won’t need to keep … Continue reading

Arts Blogger Challenge: Any Logic in Numbers?

Please vote in the 2012 Great Arts Blogger Challenge! 2nd Round Voting closes Thursday April 5. Critical Rant needs your vote to help promote North Texas performance art at a national level. Below is a  summation of the 16 finalist challengers, listed by number of votes accrued. Why do some blog contestant entries have 500+ … Continue reading

Vote Early, Vote Often! Arts Blogger Challenge

Dear subscribers, readers and friends: Please vote for my blog (Critical Rant) in Spring For Music‘s “Great Arts Blogger Challenge”. **IT APPEARS YOU CAN VOTE ONCE A DAY** It gives me the opportunity to advocate for N. Texas arts on a national level. It’s a cool, national competition with a weekly public voting component. All … Continue reading

Anchor or Albatross? New York’s Cultural Capital

New York has long been considered the cultural capital of America. Is it still? If not, where? Chew on that image a while: “the cultural capital of America”. With the diversity of regional influences – cultural heritage, geography, job markets, educational opportunities, to name a few – it’s hard to say that any one location … Continue reading