One in 3: Reality that Chills

onein3_1_highres1The subject: abortion. The play: multi-dimensional and respectful. One in 3. A challenge to undertake? You bet, given the red-hot emotional charge. Under the measured, focused direction of Raphael Parry, Project X Theatre offers a carefully orchestrated, thoughtful, clinically analytical perspective on an abortion clinic’s daily realities. It’s not sensationalized, judgmental or exploitative in the least; instead “One in 3” provides insight into the emotional and rational issues women and their men are forced to deal with when choosing the terrifying option. Or not. Facing untenable dilemmas, asking tortured questions, coping with rage and sorrow, or with the baffling lack of it, the characters who spill forth reveal the complexity of the “abortion question.” See the play, then count off one in three women at your local supermarket. That’s a chilling reality.

Project X at the Green Zone. 214-421-2400 Run extended into February.

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