Posted in April 2012

Off the Pedestal with Georgia O’Keeffe

One person staged performances based on “the lives of famous people” tend to fall into two categories: the hopeless – fawning, reverential hero worship, or the excruciating – tedious, linear depiction focused on minutiae, ignoring universal relevance. Lucinda McDermott’s one woman show “O’Keeffe!”, featuring  Carolyn Wickwire, escapes both pitfalls. Surprisingly fresh and dynamic, the play … Continue reading

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Q: Save the arts? Really? Why do so many people think the arts need saving? Do we need to save the arts, and if so, what does saving them mean?* Why do so many people think the arts need saving? Well, first of all, the arts bubble from the…

An August, Osage State of Mind: Letts Ride at WaterTower

The Big Apple’s critical embrace:  Charles Isherwood from his 12/5/2007 Broadway review in the NY Times: “A fraught, densely plotted saga of an Oklahoma clan in a state of near-apocalyptic meltdown, “August” is probably the most exciting new American play Broadway has seen in years. Oh, forget probably: It is, flat-out, no asterisks and without … Continue reading

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Q: Many countries have ministries of culture. Does America need a Secretary of Culture or Secretary of the Arts? Why or why not? This question gets us into an area we haven’t specifically dealt with yet in the contest, namely politics. The broader issue here revolves around government funding of…

Moses Gone Down: Circle Theatre’s “The Whipping Man”

Circle Theatre presents Matthew Lopez’s first play, the critical triumph The Whipping Man, about two former slaves and their former master’s son observing a most unusual Passover at the conclusion of the American Civil War. Seriously? Jewish African-American slaves during the Civil War? Scholars verify that about 50,000 Jews lived in the South as the … Continue reading

Arts Blogger Challenge: Any Logic in Numbers?

Please vote in the 2012 Great Arts Blogger Challenge! 2nd Round Voting closes Thursday April 5. Critical Rant needs your vote to help promote North Texas performance art at a national level. Below is a  summation of the 16 finalist challengers, listed by number of votes accrued. Why do some blog contestant entries have 500+ … Continue reading