Greed Over Grasslands? Save Winfrey Point!

Save Winfrey Point Rally: Sat. May 5

Save Winfrey Point!

The Dallas Sierra Club recently passed a resolution in support of protecting
the Winfrey Point Texas Last Steward prairie grasslands from a proposed
multi-level, overflow parking structure for the Dallas Arboretum. The Arboretum has just convinced the City of Dallas  to overturn and injunction allowing parking for the Chihuly Art Exhibit on native grasslands at Winfrey Point, the first step in destruction.

You can help!

(1) Petition – We need signatures to demonstrate how area citizens value
this unique urban land.

(2) US Fish and Wildlife Service – Please call them @ 817.334.5202 to voice
your concern about building a parking garage on top of the Blackland Prairie
area (ecologically rare wildlife and wild grass) at Winfrey Point.  They’re
expecting your call. 🙂

(3) Dallas City Council – Please contact your council member (or email all
of them if you use White Rock Lake/Winfrey) to let them know that you want
the Winfrey Point Blackland Prairie area protected.

(4) Rally – Please join us tomorrow morning, Saturday, May 5 @ The Rally for
Winfrey (8:00 am).  Gather in the Emerald Isle neighborhood at the
intersection of Glenore and Timplemore (map:  The
rally will proceed down Garland Road around 8:30 am to the gates of the
Dallas Arboretum.  Bring your slogans, your signs, and your friends who
share a love for the lake and Winfrey Point.

(5) Contact Dale Chihuly, the artist, to let him know how his art is being used to support grassland destruction and greed:

Chihuly Studio
Tel 206.781.8707
Fax 206.781.1906

Here is Jim Schutze’s comment about it from The Dallas Observer:

More information:
– Save Winfrey Point:
– Dallas Morning News Blog (timely updates):
– WFAA (story summary):
– Winfrey Prairie Photos (as of today):

Thanks for all your help protecting the natural treasures of our community!

Posted to this blog from an e-mail by:
Peter Wilson

Hundreds Attend Rally for Winfrey Saturday 5/5 @ 8am

Hundreds showed up to Rally for Winfrey Point this morning. Initially congregating at the Emerald Isle Neighborhood, the group hiked to the gates of the Dallas Arboretum to show support for Winfrey Point, arriving in time for the opening of the Arboretum at 9:00am.

Carrying signs and chanting “Prairie not Parking” the group peacefully conveyed their message that there should be no parking at Winfrey Point. Hopefully City Council, The Mayor, The Park Board and the Arboretum took note.

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