Dig this W(hole) Deep: Dead White Zombies

They say the whole is greater than the sum of it parts….

W(hole), written & directed by Thomas Riccio

W(hole), written & directed by Thomas Riccio

In Thomas Riccio’s new progressive symphonic theatricale, “W(hole)”, playing at his decadent sprawl of a reclaimed warehouse in West Dallas through December 22, the adage rings true as a Tibetan gong.

Taken apart, as in autopsy, it strains and fragments, laments and groans, lashes out with sexual angst and sweaty frustration. Screens scatter randomly throughout the candle-lit landscape,  showing 1960’s home movie family holiday clips over and over, backwards and forwards, excerpts from a Fred Astaire dancing extravaganza and unrecognizable black and white action films.

Romance goes awry, as in soap opera organ-chorded throughout.485017_517448391599295_470675862_n

Riccio’s signature abused, lovelorn women and macho, emotionally unavailable, raging men emerge from dark corners to shout and gesticulate, cling with desperation and fall apart in isolation and recrimination. Spectre-like, they retreat back into the shadows or behind gently swaying ghostly drapes.

Love partitions as in by guillotine.

Eerie catacombs for the catatonic.

A dystopic, labyrinthine hell.

No product placement. No commercials. Cameras and smart phones welcome.

Beast inspects audience member Matthew Posey from The Ochre House

Beast inspects audience member Matthew Posey from The Ochre House

Scenes ebb and flow as the audience floats along, adrift, overwhelmed by a Philip Glass-like cacophony of images and sound. Sensate, intemperate immersion.

Oddly enough, “W(hole)” weaves together with satisfying symphonic grace.

Emerge refreshed, cleansed, jubilant.

Seating on benches is hard; the space grows chilly as evening progresses.

Dress accordingly.

Open your heart, mind and soul to the w(hole).

Written and directed by Thomas Riccio with a fine-tuned ensemble of performance artists, the Dead White Zombies, and one inscrutable, lurking Beast.

Plays at The 500. 500 Singleton Blvd.

(west) Dallas, TX

$15 general admission

Admission into the space begins 8:02pm and ends 8:36pm. Through December 22, 2012.

SEE: www.deadwhitezombies.com

The ZOMBIES include: Brandon Bankston, David Goodwin, Lori McCarty, Brad Hennigan, Ben Miro, Justin Locklear, Stephanie Cleghorn, Jelena Princeza, Abel Flores, Michael Cleveland, John-Michael Colgin, Jennifer Culver, Catherine Culver, Raven McCarthy, Jameshia Bankston, Amrita Ranchod, Hannah Weir, Danielle Georgiou, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Dale Seeds, Frank DuFour, Jeff Stover, Mona Kasra,Annell Brodeur, Katie Nowacki, David Powers.

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