Posted in December 2012

2012 in North Texas Theatre: From A Feminist Lens

Why feminist? We women make up over half of the US populace and purchase more tickets to theatre yearly than men, even with our 77 cents to any man’s dollar earned salaries. Feminism is the radical notion that women are people. Some amazing, creative people, who happen to be women, enlivened regional theatre here in … Continue reading

Crossover Arts Theatre: Ebony Scrooge

Of the myriad of adaptations and re-envisioned versions of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”, fledgling Desoto-based theatre group Crossover Arts Theatre chose to produce D.M. Larson’s “Ebony Scrooge”, subtitled A Modern Musical, as its holiday show. A “free” script, which might appeal to a start-up group on a tight budget, it lacks the depth of … Continue reading

Capote’s Yule Rule at One Thirty

Very few actors in this region can match John Davies’ adeptness at finding the lyrical rhythms in a play’s text and skill in exploring the silence between words and phrases, those pauses that enhance a play’s sense while drawing its audience in deeper. He makes it look so simple. Davies demonstrates his professional acumen with … Continue reading