Posted on 30 September 2015

Secrets Lurk Beneath: World Premiere of Donald Fowler’s “Creep”

At age 39, Dallas-based actor Donald Fowler decided to spend his 40th birthday in Paris…. After one late night out on the town, he spied a woman sitting on a park bench on a darkened tree-lined street and paused. A cascade of brown leaves tumbled down on her, never disturbing her stillness. The image stayed … Continue reading

Primal Imperfection: Shakespeare Dallas’ KING LEAR

Shakespeare Dallas ushers in North Texas’ fall season with a regal, austere production of Shakespeare’s King Lear, set on a nearly bare stage, impressively framed with somber-hued hanging banners that blaze with noble fire as stage lights wash across them. When Lear (national performance artist/ playwright Fred Curchack) makes his first entrance, pausing upstage center … Continue reading