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With a Little Help From Their Friends: Ochre House ORIGINAL MAN

Most human life consists of an ongoing, benumbing experience of mundane, routine existence. What “drama” appears isn’t all that pretty. We seek out events and connections that transport us beyond that limited experience, that can add hope, context and meaning. We long for joyful release in living our often-frustrating lives. Truly creative theatre can transport … Continue reading

On the Edge, Out of the Loop 2015: Take One

Now in its 14th year of inspired, quirky, performance, Water Tower Theatre’s OUT OF THE LOOP FRINGE FESTIVAL provides its eager audience with another diverse array of intriguing, thought provoking works of promise. I’m not seeing everything by a long shot (pothole blown tire assured that tonight), but here are capsule reviews of what I’ve … Continue reading

FIT 2012: Night of Your Screaming Deadly

What just happened on stage, and why are my arms all goose-bumpy? One of the most delightful aspects of Dallas’ Festival of Independent Theatres is recognizing elements of pure risk-taking in certain productions and the artists who create them.  Unrelated elements combine in unique ways. Uncomfortable moods sustain, creating prolonged suspense or examining the human … Continue reading